I’ve Heard Horror Stories About Root Canals – What Should I Expect?

April 20, 2018

grimacing man holding jawRoot canal therapy has gotten a bad reputation. If you need a root canal, we have some great news – this negative reputation is very unfair. In fact, root canal therapy typically relieves the pain and dental sensitivity many patients feel prior to receiving this treatment. Root canals are comfortable, and they may just allow our team to save your damaged tooth. In this post, we’ll walk you through just what to expect, during and after your root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy in Horsham and Philadelphia

February 17, 2016

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root canalEveryone’s tolerance for pain is different. Some people can barely stand the thought of pain while others have a very high tolerance. But no one—and we mean no one—can tolerate the pain of a toothache. Not only can the the pain be severe, but it can also radiate to your jaw, your ear and even your head, neck and shoulders. Moreover, the cause of the pain may actually threaten the integrity of your tooth. Very often a toothache happens because infection sets in deep inside a tooth. In this case, Dr. Henkel may need to perform root canal therapy to remove the infection and preserve your tooth.

Bring Your Damaged Teeth Back From the Brink with Root Canal Therapy in Horsham and Philadelphia

September 25, 2013

When it comes to dental treatments, “root canal” always seems to be the phrase that leaves patients feeling the most frightened. While it may be true that in the past, the procedure was difficult and invasive, today’s technology and advanced anesthesia options have helped to make its bad reputation completely unwarranted! In fact, patients with severely damaged or decayed teeth who are facing extraction can now have their smile restored to full form and functionality with the help of root canal therapy. Here at Horsham Dental Elements, Dr. Henkel and his team are happy to offer this revitalizing procedure to patients from Horsham, Philadelphia, and beyond. With our help, your teeth can stay safe and whole for years to come!

What happens during root canal therapy?

We’ll simply clean the diseased bacteria and pulp out of the canals within the affected tooth, seal off the area so that further infection can’t reach it, and then restore its structure with a beautiful, custom-made porcelain crown. By the time Dr. Henkel is finished, you’ll hardly be able to tell you had any work done in the first place!

Most patients report very minimal pain when undergoing root canal therapy, and in fact, the procedure has a very high success rate; many teeth that have undergone the treatment go on to last a lifetime. Plus, with our advanced surgical microscope and Dr. Henkel’s vast wealth of experience concerning endodontics, your smile is sure to be in the most capable hands around.

Contact either our Horsham or Philadelphia office today if you have any questions about root canal therapy, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. Our dental team is committed to providing patients with comprehensive, personalized care that puts their comfort first and gives them a reason to smile brighter.