General Dentistry

General dentistry acts as the cornerstone of excellent oral health care. Without regular checkups, professional dental cleanings, and dental examinations, problems may develop of which you are unaware. Left undetected, a small problem like minor tooth decay can progress to a much larger problem in need of a root canal. And general dentistry doesn’t just help with detection—it’s designed to help prevent those problems in the first place! As your family dentist, Horsham Dental Elements wants to make sure you and your entire family are protected from dental issues such as gum disease and cavities.

Individualized General Dentistry Care for Horsham and Philadelphia

Our Horsham and Philadelphia locations provide family dentistry services to cover every dental care need, making it even easier to achieve optimum oral health. Should we detect a problem, we also offer periodontal therapy, fillings, and root canals to help reestablish dental wellness. Dr. Henkel also fully understands the special needs of patients who have had restorative procedures performed such as dental implants or full-mouth reconstructions. If this describes you, why not receive your family dentistry care from someone who knows what restorative dental care is all about? Let Dr. Henkel and Horsham Dental Elements support your smile through every stage of your life.

Experience comfortable, state-of-the-art dental care in Philadelphia, Horsham, and surrounding areas with Horsham Dental Elements. We proudly serve patients from all over Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Bucks County. Contact us today to make an appointment and discover what difference in technology, education, and experience can make in your dental care.

general and family dentistry