Dental Implants in Horsham & Philadelphia

Dental implants are a relatively new solution to the age old problem of missing teeth. In the past, dentures and partials or crown and bridge were your only options, and these came with their own sets of issues. Dentures and partials could become loose and cause embarrassing accidents, and crown and bridge couldn’t replace an entire set of missing teeth. Now, however, dental implants provide a sturdier, longer-lasting option that supports the overall health and function of your mouth in ways not available only a few decades ago. And Dr. Henkel not only places and restores dental implants, but he also teaches other dentists how to perform the procedure as well.

Horsham Dental Elements uses cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT, to create 3D images as a guide for dental implant placement. An accurate placement is first performed using computer simulation, and this is used to create a guide so that the computer simulated placement can then be accurately performed during your dental implant procedure. This leads to greater accuracy during placement, shortened procedure time, and makes the surgery less invasive.

What makes dental implants so different from traditional dentures and partials or a crown and bridge? Your natural teeth are held in place by tooth roots. When you lose a tooth, you also lose the root, and this destabilizes the structure of your mouth and causes the bone to begin deteriorating. With dental implants, a titanium post acts as the replacement “tooth root”, holding a porcelain restoration in place. This titanium post fuses with the bone over time, preventing further bone loss. And there’s no danger of the kinds of embarrassing slips that can happen with dentures and partials! In fact, Horsham Dental Elements can provide you with implant supported dentures and partials, adding extra stability for the replacement of missing teeth.

Remember that when you come to Dr. Henkel for dental implants, you’re receiving care from a dentist who has taught and lectured extensively on the subject of dental implants. We do also offer traditional dentures and partials and crown and bridge if you prefer.

Experience comfortable, state-of-the-art dental care in Philadelphia, Horsham, and surrounding areas with Horsham Dental Elements. We proudly serve patients from all over Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Bucks County. Contact us today to make an appointment and discover the difference technology, education, and experience can make in your dental care.

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