Root Canal Therapy in Horsham

When tooth decay is left to progress, it can damage the nerve that runs through your tooth. This nerve, also known as the pulp, will then become inflamed, causing pain and possibly creating even more oral health issues as the inflammation progresses. During a root canal, we remove the nerve, clean out the canal through which the nerve runs, and fill in the canal to help stop further decay.

Horsham Dental Elements is equipped with a surgical microscope, providing greater magnification and visibility during your root canal procedure. This technology translates into more reliable results and increases effectiveness. Also, Dr. Henkel lectures on endodontic topics and consults three different endodontic supply manufacturers or suppliers, so you know that when you're in his chair, you're receiving root canals from an endodontic expert.

Root canals can be avoided through proper general dentistry care. Once the damage has been done, however, a root canal allows us to restore your tooth to health. Left to continue decaying, your inflammation can contribute to periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, and the toxins from your inflamed nerve can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream. Experiencing tooth pain? Contact Horsham Dental Elements to find out whether or not you’re in need of a root canal.

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