How Much Do Dental Implants in Horsham Cost?

September 11, 2017

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Man with attractive smileWhen it comes to replacing your missing teeth, you have several dental prosthetics available. Although you could choose a traditional option, like a bridge or denture, you could make an investment with dental implants in Horsham. They are the most predictable and reliable solution to replace one or more lost teeth with the potential to last for a lifetime. While you have heard about their high success rate and unmatched benefits, the cost is a concerning factor. They do cost more upfront; however, they end up being the cheaper option in the future when compared to other solutions.

Get a Healthy Smile with Your Dental Implant Dentist in Philadelphia

April 17, 2017

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Your dentist in Philadelphia provides dental implants for a complete smile.Although our teeth are designed to last a lifetime with the right care, tooth loss is a common problem. It is estimated, over 178 million adults in the United States are missing at least one tooth. Whether tooth loss is due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury, an incomplete smile significantly impacts your quality of life and oral health. There are many solutions to replace missing teeth; however, none produce the same oral health benefits as dental implants. Due to the materials and procedure used, they restore oral health while offering a lifelong solution to replace a tooth. As a dentist in Philadelphia, Dr. Henkel will help you regain a healthy, complete smile with dental implants.

Benefit from Dental Implants in Horsham

November 2, 2016

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Your dentist for dental implants in Horsham.Dental implants are the most preferred solution to treat tooth loss—no matter if you are missing one tooth or all your teeth. Dental implants are a permanent solution that offers over a 95 percent success rate when performed on the ideal candidate. When compared to other forms of tooth replacements, dental implants are the only solution that most closely look and function like natural teeth. As your dentist, we offer dental implants in Horsham to complete your smile.

Learn More About Your Dental Implants in Horsham Today

October 26, 2015

dental implants horshamWhen it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are a relatively new solution to a very old problem. They’re a highly successful method of replacing the tooth and its root — and one that simply wasn’t available to us several decades ago. And let me tell you, dental implants have improved greatly since their initial debut. What was once a highly painful and expensive solution to missing teeth is now a realistic option for just about anyone. Learn more about the placement and restoration of dental implants from Dr. Henkel, your dentist in Horsham today.


Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants from Horsham Dental Elements

March 15, 2015

480753457Unless you are a child eagerly waiting for the tooth fairy, nothing good can come from having a missing tooth. To the contrary, there are a number of negative consequences: a “hole” in your smile, insufficient nutrition because you can’t chew healthy foods, and damaged self-confidence. Obviously, tooth replacement is imperative. Dr. Gary Henkel of Horsham Dental Elements in Horsham, PA, and Philadelphia, PA, is an expert in restoring smiles, good health and confidence with dental implants.

Although you do have other options when choosing a tooth replacement—crown and bridgework, partial or full dentures—dental implants are the most lifelike, because they not only replace the crown of a tooth, but the root, as well. And when you choose to have your dental implant done at Horsham Dental Elements, you can be sure that you’re receiving the finest care; Dr. Henkel not only places implants and restores bad implants, he teaches other dentists how to perform the procedure, as well.

Furthermore, Horsham Dental Elements uses cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT, to create 3D images as a guide for dental implant placement. With this, Dr. Henkel is able to more accurately position your implants during the actual procedure.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The first step in tooth replacement with a dental implant is minor surgery to position a titanium post in the bone beneath your open tooth socket. This post becomes the “root” of your new tooth. As such, it offers greater stability and prevents bone deterioration, which often occurs when there is a missing tooth and root. As you heal, the post and bone will fuse together. After a few months, you’ll return to Horsham Dental Elements for Dr. Henkel to complete the tooth replacement by attaching a crown to the post. When completed, you’ll have a lifelike tooth replacement that looks and feels completely natural.

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To learn more about dental implants, call Horsham Dental Elements in Horsham, PA, or Philadelphia, PA. We also conveniently serve patients from Dresher, Springfield and Hatboro, as well as Bucks County and Montgomery County.

Dr. Henkel Can Restore Both Your Smile and Self-Confidence with Dental Implants

October 10, 2013

People have been struggling with missing teeth for hundreds of years, but only relatively recently has a truly transformative solution come to life. While some patients prefer older solutions, others often struggle with the loose nature and bulkiness of dentures and partials, as well as the inability of bridges to replace an entire set of missing teeth. It’s not a good idea to leave your smile riddled with unsightly gaps, though – not only can they hinder your enthusiasm and ability to interact with colleagues and peers, they can also cause a whole host of further oral health problems, such as an increased risk of gum disease and additional tooth loss. Thankfully, our team at Horsham Dental Elements is here to help with dental implants! These revolutionary tools can restore missing teeth seamlessly and provide your smile with much-needed sturdiness and functionality.

What are dental implants?

They actually consist of multiple parts! First, once we’ve determined that you’re a viable candidate for the dental implants procedure, we’ll place a small, titanium post into the empty socket. Over time, this post will fuse with your natural jaw tissue, effectively becoming the “root” of your new tooth. Then, you’ll return to our office so that Dr. Henkel can finish it off with a beautiful, personalized crown.

Here at our Horsham and Philadelphia offices, we rely on cone beam computed tomography to create 3D images as a guide for dental implant placement, which leads to more accuracy during placement and a much smoother procedure overall. Plus, Dr. Henkel is well-versed in the field of dental implants and will be sure to pass the countless benefits of his in-depth experience onto you!

Contact either our Horsham or Philadelphia office today to schedule an appointment. Our team can’t wait to give you something to smile about with our committed and comprehensive dental care!

Find Answers to All Your Questions about Dental Implants at Horsham Dental Elements

April 9, 2013

When it comes to restorative options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are widely regarded as the most complete and natural-looking method available from dentists today. That’s why Dr. Henkel is proud to offer them to patients at both his Philadelphia and Horsham offices.  However, if you’ve recently experienced tooth loss due to decay or injury, you might be feeling hesitant or confused when faced with the idea of dental implants. What exactly are they made of? How long will they last? Do I really need one? Don’t worry – here at Horsham Dental Elements, we want you to have all the information you need to feel confident in your dental care. That’s why we’ve provided answers to some common questions about dental implants below!

What exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that is surgically attached to your jawbone. Once this anchor has successfully fused with your bone tissue, Dr. Henkel will attach a custom-made, permanent crown to it that will blend in seamlessly with your smile.

How long will they last?

The longevity of your dental implants depends on a number of factors, including age and personal hygiene. However, most implants that are cared for properly go on to last a lifetime!

Am I good candidate for implants?

Dr. Henkel will be happy to evaluate your unique mouth in order to determine whether dental implants are a good fit for you. While most patients are candidates, your chances of success with this treatment will be improved if you have good oral health, don’t smoke or drink, and have adequate jawbone structure.

What will happen if I don’t replace my missing tooth?

When you have gaps in your smile, your other teeth often begin to twist and shift in order to fill it, resulting in bite collapse and TMJ pain, among other problems. You’re also at a higher risk for gum disease and additional tooth loss.

Why should I pick dental implants over other restorative options?

Dental implants are the only restorative dentistry solution that effectively replicates your entire tooth structure, not just the crown. When you lose teeth, your jawbone begins to deteriorate because the root of the tooth is gone – dental implants replace this part of this tooth too, which will maintain and even regenerate bone tissue! Additionally, dental implants tend to be more comfortable, more permanent, and more natural-looking than other tooth replacement options.

Don’t suffer from unsightly gaps a day longer – Dr. Henkel is well-known for concise, comprehensive care that can restore full health and beauty to your smile. Contact our offices in Horsham and Philadelphia today to schedule an appointment. Our team also welcomes patients from Montgomery, Buck County, and beyond!

Improve Your Smile with Dental Implants

January 14, 2013

Do you have missing teeth and don’t know what to do? Instead of feeling embarrassed, come to Horsham Dental Elements. We can use dental implants to get you smiling proudly once again!

Dental implants are a great solution to missing teeth, whether it’s one tooth or an entire set.  They’re different because of how they are placed in your mouth. Your natural teeth are attached by tooth roots, and once the tooth falls out, the root goes away as well. The roots are important because they stabilize your teeth and without them, bone loss could occur.

For dental implants, a titanium post is inserted in your jaw bone, which will mimic a root and help the replacement tooth stay in place. Over time, the post will fuse with your jaw bone, stopping bone loss and ensuring your replacement teeth stay strong and in place.

Importantly, dental implants have some advantages over some of the existing methods for tooth replacement. While dentures or partials can replace an entire set of missing teeth, they could also become loose and fall out, which could be embarrassing. Crown and bridges are sturdier replacements, but they’re not suitable for a full mouth replacement.

Thus, dental implants are a sturdy, longer-lasting option to replace missing teeth. You’ll have a full smile once again and have the confidence you’d been lacking. If you think dental implants might be right for you, call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Henkel.

Horsham Dental Elements provides comfortable, state of the art dental care from our Philadelphia and Horsham offices. We serve patients from Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Bucks County. Call our office today to schedule your appointment!