Find Relief from Impacted Wisdom Tooth Pain at Horsham Dental Elements

April 19, 2014

Shutterstock Happy Dental Patient (2)Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, are extraneous teeth that often cause problems that affect other teeth throughout the mouth. When wisdom teeth fail to erupt properly, the result can be a potentially painful condition called impaction. Fortunately, Dr. Gary Henkel and his team at Horsham Dental Elements provide a comprehensive menu of general and restorative dentistry services, including wisdom tooth removal. At our two conveniently located offices in Horsham, PA and Philadelphia, PA, our team combines the most advanced technology in the industry with a personalized touch for a superior patient experience.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Philadelphia & Horsham

An impacted wisdom tooth is typically discovered in one of two ways. The first is through an examination and x-ray taken by your dentist, during which the problem is usually detected before it becomes a serious issue. Clearly, this is preferable to the alternative: finding out that you are suffering from wisdom tooth impaction when painful symptoms arise.

Individuals with impacted wisdom teeth often experience mild to moderate discomfort at first, particularly if the tooth has partially erupted and the surrounding gum tissue becomes infected. If left untreated for any extended period of time, the tooth may begin to throb incessantly and send shooting pains throughout the jaw and even up into the ear.

In some cases, impacted wisdom teeth do not cause any noticeable symptoms but still negatively affect overall oral health. Depending on the angle at which the teeth grow, they can cause severe crowding of other teeth, making it more difficult to clean them properly. Dr. Henkel and his experienced team of oral healthcare professionals can discuss with you your individual circumstances and your options regarding extraction to provide lasting relief from wisdom tooth pain. Our goal is to provide you with the comfort and personal attention you deserve at every visit, from routine cleanings and necessary extractions to cosmetic treatments and restorative procedures.

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