Understand the In’s and Out’s of a Root Canal Treatment

November 1, 2017

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Woman in dental pain.Little do many patients know, root canals can help relieve excruciating dental pain. Contrary to the popular belief that root canals are a painful procedure themselves, root canals remove infectious materials to help fix your inflamed roots.

If you would like to learn more about root canals and how they help you, this post is for you.

The Purpose of Root Canals

Root canals are never here to hurt patients—they’re here to help them recover from unpleasant dental pain. When a tooth becomes infected, the bad dental bacteria and debris may seep into the tooth. Sometimes it happens below the gum line, other times it may be from a hole in the tooth from decay. Either way, once the infection reaches the root of the tooth, the root can become inflamed and cause pain.

By removing those materials, your dentist can restore your oral health. But this isn’t the only part that takes place during your root canal. Since your tooth must be opened and gently scraped clean, your tooth is now understandably weaker than before. The structure is compromised—but don’t worry. Your dentist in Philadelphia is here to help you re-stabilize it.

The Overlooked Part of Root Canals

Now that the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, your dentist must help you rebuild the structure and stability of your tooth. This can be easily done with the help of a dental crown and gutta percha!

Gutta percha is a filling material that’s heated and compressed into the canals of the tooth that have been cleaned out. This helps to provide a dense filling to make your tooth solid once again.

Dental crowns are dental restorations that provide newfound stability for weakened teeth. Essentially, they are caps that are created from high-quality, tooth-colored dental materials that cover the tooth. Not only will your tooth now be free of infection, but it’ll be sealed and protected from cavities for years to come! Although you’re still expected to properly maintain this tooth, you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to your smile.

Signs That You May Need a Root Canal

We’ve talked about the reason for root canals and how they can help you by providing a long-term solution to your dental pain, but do you know the symptoms to look out for? If you notice any of these signs, you need to reach out to a dentist to discuss receiving a root canal:

  • Positional pain is tooth pain that occurs when you lie down or suddenly stand up.
  • Referred pain is dental pain that not only occurs in your tooth but another part of your body, like your jaw, ear, neck, or surrounding teeth.
  • Spontaneous pain is tooth pain that occurs from a stimulus, like a hot or cold drink.
  • An abscess, or a hole in the jaw bone. Usually, your dentist can spot this during dental x-rays.
  • A fistula is a white, yellow, or red pimple-looking bump that appears on your gum line filled with infectious liquid.

Ultimately, we want you to know that your dentist is here to help you relieve pain, not hurt you. Knowing the symptoms is the first step, but it is up to you to contact your dentist to get the treatment you need.

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