March 23, 2011

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This from the Wealthy Dentist Forum.  they recently conducted a survey of dentists and patients, and found that the most common questions patients wanted answered are not exactly what the doctor had in mind.

The top 5 questions dental patients ask –

  1. How much do dental implants cost?
  2. How long do dental implants last?
  3. Are implants painful?
  4. How long will it take to get my new teeth?
  5. Does dental insurance cover implant surgery?

Versus . . .
The top 5 questions dentists want patients to ask –

  1. Am I a good candidate for implants?
  2. What are the potential complications of dental implant therapy?
  3. How much implant experience does the doctor have?
  4. What is the healing time for my implants?
  5. Can implants improve my appearance?

It is imperative that doctors address the patient’s concerns, especially in terms of cost and discomfort.  We need to reassure our patients that implant surgery need not be painful, and provide financial solutions to make it affordable.

Gary L Henkel DDS MAGD

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